Social trading & analytics platform for cryptocurrency, Is available now.

Copytrading feature

Follow the trading experts, duplicating and taking a profit!.

A New Radar - Most Active Trader

Shows the most active trader wallets from the past 30 days.

Find the Best Crypto Investments in Seconds

Highlight the information you do need to know in a clear and accurate way.

Radars let you see at a glance which cryptocurrencies are outperforming the market, which are lagging, and which are likely to change direction in the coming days.

The Most Powerful Radars - Trade Master

Shows the most profitable trader wallets from the last 30 days.

By identifying traders with outperforming wallets, you can confidently follow their trades, and take advice from the best without extensive knowledge or reading required!

You'll also get historical data for these wallets, so you know if you're looking at a one-time lucky accident, or a trader with a long track-record of success.

Powerful Insight in Seconds

Keep an eye on the price, even with your busy life. Simply open up CarbonRadars to see crypto price data

Keep Track of your Favorites

Once you know what you're interested in, CarbonRadars lets you favorite any coin, wallet or radars to get fast access to the information you need most and get notified when there is any movement.  

Score the Latest News

Get the most important news of the day delivered straight to your eyeballs. You'll get updates from all the sources you trust most, including Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and more.

You'll also get updates from the Carboneum team and your own custom Twitter feed of crypto news so that you can get real time information from your favorite sources.

The Most Fun Way to Learn about Crypto

Get our exclusive Cryptoons comics to learn about the latest advances in blockchain technology.

One thing to look forward to: you'll be able to connect your exchange account and copy trades directly using the powerful Carboneum protocol.

Start your journey!

With these powerful features available in a mobile app, CarbonRadars aims to be the go-to cryptocurrency analysis platform for users of all levels — from casual traders to more experience investors, Best of all, CarbonRadars is completely free to use.

  • - Mobile analytics and insight.
  • - Alerts on coin movement.
  • - News from the top crypto gurus.
  • - Completely free.

Download CarbonRadars today in the App Store and Play Store.
See how easy investing can be.

A Team Dedicated to Investing for Everybody

CarbonRadars is created by the same team behind StockRadars, Thailand's leading stock trading and analysis app for over 4 years. With strong connections and backing in the financial industry, we know not only what investors need, but how to make your life easier.

We believe investing should be easy for everyone, whether that's cryptocurrency or common stock.

Now we're building CarbonRadars based on your suggestions and advice. If you have any features you want to see to make trading better, let us know!