Trade like a pro

Social trading on Carboneum platform allows any user to become a “follower” trader, learning from and duplicating the transactions of “leader” traders. This allows investors to take a “shortcut” to start trading, tapping into the expertise of the leaders and not learning on their own from scratch.

Safety features for optimized trading

Our “Safety Belt” feature enables you to set automatic stop-loss order for all your trades, which comes into effect when the price reaches a certain pre-set price. Stop-loss orders are designed to minimize the loss for investors because we don’t want you to stay up all night monitoring your position. Now you can sleep at ease.

Watch and learn from the experts

“Whale Watcher” feature gives you insight into the portfolio of leader traders who manage millions of dollars worth of assets - the true "whales" of the investment world. By following these leaders, followers can learn and distinguish good trades from bad trades

Project Description

Carboneum is creating a decentralized infrastructure and protocol for social trading, revolutionizing how traders interact with each other and make investments. Leveraging blockchain, Carboneum aims to promote transparency, automation and a fair reward mechanism, which are missing in social trading systems today.

* The material provided in the link above is for informational purposes only and is being constantly updated. The content is subject to future changes up until the pre-ICO date and Carboneum team is working tirelessly to make this paper as informative as possible. Please kindly refer to the version indicated inside the material for your own best interest.

Strategic / Technical Partner

Carboneum Token

Token Name: C8
Token for Sale: 120,000,000
Tokens Hard Cap: USD 12,000,000
Tokens Soft Cap: USD 1,200,000

Distribution of Tokens

  • 60% Pre-Sale & ICO

  • 20% Company

  • 12% Team & Partner

  • 5% Advisor

  • 3% Rewarding Token (user acquisition)

Allocation of Funds

  • 50% Platform and Protocol Development

  • 25% Marketing and Business Development

  • 10% Operating Expenses

  • 10% Research & Consultancy Fee

  • 5% Legal & Compliance Fee

How does it work?

Knowledge Sharing Platform

Social trading or copy trading is a concept whereby “follower” traders follow and duplicate trades made by expert traders, establishing a “follower & leader” type of relationship. Followers can choose leaders based on expected returns and risk preferences on Carboneum platform and copied trading can be executed automatically using Carboneum protocol

Reward Mechanism

Carboneum promotes a fair reward and fee mechanism whereby followers pay a fee only when the copied trades make a profit. The fee is transferred to the leaders as a reward while a portion is kept by the platform as a revenue

Copy Trade Contract

Leader & Follower agree upon terms of contract via smart contract on ICON blockchain.


The leader provides access to their investment account to Carboneum and follower. Relay will keep track of any changes in the leader’s trading activities on their exchange(s)


Once relay spots any movements, it will copy those actions and execute trade orders to the follower’s trading account proportionately to their asset allocation.

In the event the trade yields positive results, relay will signal a request to smart contract to deduct a certain amount of fee from the follower’s digital wallet. Carboneum will settle and collect verifying fee once the follower closes their trade position.